It’s a jungle out in there.

Sometimes the wilderness within calls us nonetheless. Life was not always meant to be comfortable.

Welcome to your voyage. I hope you packed some snacks.

The best breakthroughs begin with breakdowns.

It’s disorienting at first. That’s normal. We’ll help you set up camp for the night. Tomorrow, we’ll reassess the lay of the land.

Meet your inner safari guide.

Sometimes, the vines are so thick, you can’t see five feet in front of your face. I’ll show you how to wield a machete.

Sometimes, you don’t know what will kill you and what will make you stronger. I’ll teach you to distinguish the edible berries from the poisonous ones.

Sometimes, you don’t know which way is north. I’ll teach you how to read the stars for navigation. 

Sometimes, the mud is so thick, you feel like you’re going to sink into the ground. I’ll help you find the right boots and stepping stones.

Relationships matter. Therapy is no exception.

Relationships are the #1 most significant factor influencing health and happiness. And the quality of a client’s relationship with their therapist is the #1 most important factor influencing how successful their therapy will be in helping them achieve their goals.

Unfortunately, we’re at a time where demand for therapy exceeds supply, so I have to be particular about who I help. I love what I do, as a therapist and in my other activities, so I conserve energy and practice self-care. I have a unique approach and unorthodox views. My bio, blog, social media, or resources can help you get a feel for my style, and my podcast will be coming soon. For information about my current availability and how to reach me*, please visit my contact page. Answers to commonly asked questions and helpful resources can be found here.

*I cannot guarantee a response to every email.

Stephanie Winn, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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